The best patient care is your ultimate goal. To achieve this requires confident diagnosis even with daily increases in patient throughput. Built on the foundation of Mindray’s continuous customer insights into clinical needs and the inheritance from premium technology, the DC-80 with X-Insight is designed to help you manage your daily output with high efficiency, no matter what type patients and clinical challenges you will face.

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Immediate Clarity
ComboWave transducers

ComboWave transducers utilize a new type of composite piezoelectric material to dramatically optimize the acoustic spectrum and reduce acoustic impedance. Further integrated with Mindray unique 3T technology, the ComboWave linear transducers allow you to experience outstanding performance with extreme image resolution and uniformity.

Single crystal transducers with 3T technology

It’s based on single crystal with Mindray unique 3T tehnology (Triple-matching layers, Total-cut design, Thermal control), providing a wider bandwidth to simultaneously offer better penetration and higher resolution, resulting in an optimum scanning solution for technically difficult patients.

Ultra-light volume transducer with superior performance

The ultra-light and high-density volume transducer D8-2E offers superior obstetric imaging performance across 2D, Color and 3D/4D for more diagnostic confidence and patient care.


Integrating traditional ray casting algorithm with a new virtual lighting mode, iLive generates exciting real visual effects such as interactive shadowing, skin scattering and human skin-like images.

3D/4D with Depth VR

Innovative new algorithm with depth information to generate more vivid volume rendering and much better three dimensional effect. Multiple depth tint maps can be chosen according to user’s preference.

All-Smart Exams
Smart Planes CNS

Based on AI technology and deep learning of more than 8000 fetal CNS cases, Smart Planes CNS is industry’s most intelligent tool for fully automatic and accurate detection of most significant planes and frequently-used measurements of fetal CNS, leading to an intelligent diagnosis, improved throughput and reduced user dependency.

Smart FLC

Automatically detect the number and calculate the volume of follicles from a 3D volume image.

· Accurate assessment of the size of follicles
· Follicles are automatically sorted by sizes with color code
· Easy reporting with colorful graphic designed for follicle study

Smart OB

Auto measurement of fetal parameters: trace and calculate the BPD, OFD, HC, AC and FL on a single click.

Smart NT

Auto-trace tube cavity edge with measurement result.

Touch gesture based workflow

The motion sensitive touch screen lets you do more than you ever imagined, opening up a new trend in cart-based ultrasound with agile, smart, and intuitive user experience beyond your expectations.

Comfortable Experience

· Innovative dual-wing floating arm
· 21.5 inch high resolution LED monitor
· 12.1 inch tilting multi-gesture touch screen
· Gel warmer


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